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Custom made clothing for Wiccan and Pagan Ceremonies or to make your every day life more magickal!

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RRCBBL Basic Cotton Robe

Basic Cotton Robe

Ritual cotton robe in a well-made, basic,...

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CBTS Celtic Boar T-shirt

Celtic Boar T-shirt

A prominent symbol of fertility and the Celtic...

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CLB Celtic Leather Belts

Celtic Leather Belts

A GreenMan's Grove Exclusive! These high quality...

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CNSFD Celtic Nobleman's Shirt

Celtic Nobleman's Shirt

This wonderful Celtic Nobleman's shirt is...

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RCWM Cloak, Black Chamois

Cloak, Black Chamois

Beautiful, well-made, hooded cloak with one...

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RCWM2 Cloak, Black Cotton

Cloak, Black Cotton

Wonderful lighter weight, well-made, hooded cloak...

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RCWM2 Cloak, Black Wool

Cloak, Black Wool

Gorgeous, well-made, hooded cloak with one...

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EBO Elven Babe 'Onesie'

Elven Babe 'Onesie'

This adorable baby one-sie or creeper features...

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EBB Elven Babe Bib

Elven Babe Bib

This baby bib features Lil' Jack O' the Green or...

EBT Elven Babe Infant/Toddler Tee

Elven Babe Infant/Toddler Tee

Tiny Tee Shirt features Lil' Jack O' the Green or...

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ench Enchantress Dress and Corset

Enchantress Dress and Corset

  The Enchantress. The dress is...

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FD_FMD Fairy Maiden Dress

Fairy Maiden Dress

This lovely dress is such a wonderful, feminine...

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FD_ForestMD Forest Maiden Dress

Forest Maiden Dress

Entering a forest just before twilight you are...

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FDHP High Priestess Ritual Robe

High Priestess Ritual Robe

High Priestess Robe   "Standing...

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CHEMISE Irish Chemise

Irish Chemise

This lovely Chemise is 100% cotton, pre-washed,...

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FD_ID Irish Dresses

Irish Dresses

Now available in many colors, plus the option of...

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Irishwedding Irish Wedding Dress

Irish Wedding Dress

Our wedding Dress Designer has created this Irish...

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merlinck Merlin Cloak

Merlin Cloak

This gorgeous cloak takes over 11 yards to make!...

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ESGRE Patch: Green Man 3"

Patch: Green Man 3"

The perfect accessory to adorn your favorite...

FS78P Sarong Celtic Pent, Black & Purple

Sarong Celtic Pent, Black & Purple

44" x 72" Rectangular altar cloth or...

TSTote Toadstool Totebag

Toadstool Totebag

100% cotton canvas tote bags feature a colorful...

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